Subtle Strength for Your Smile

Clear braces are a popular choice at Johnson Orthodontics for their stylish appeal combined with the strength of traditional braces.

They offer a less noticeable way to achieve a perfect smile, making them an ideal choice for both adults and teens seeking a discreet treatment option.

Stylish & Effective

Clear braces function similarly to traditional metal braces but are made from ceramic or clear materials that blend seamlessly with the color of your teeth. This makes them far less visible, while still providing the strength needed for effective teeth alignment.

Clear Braces

Discrete Design

Perfect for patients who are conscious about the appearance of braces, clear braces offer an orthodontic solution that does not draw attention to the treatment process. They are especially popular among older teenagers and adult professionals.

Comfort Meets Technology

Advancements in materials mean that clear braces are now more comfortable and robust than ever. They are designed to resist staining and wear, maintaining their discreet appearance throughout the treatment period.

Hampton Cove Braces

Continuous Alignment

Clear braces use the same reliable mechanics as metal braces to move teeth into the desired position. The brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth and connected by a thin archwire, which is periodically adjusted to guide the teeth into alignment.

Precision Adjustments

Regular visits to Johnson Orthodontics allow Dr. Johnson to make precise adjustments to the archwire, fine-tuning the movement of the teeth. These adjustments are key to ensuring the treatment progresses as planned.

Serious Style

The materials used in clear braces are selected for their durability and clarity, ensuring they remain effective and discreet throughout the treatment course.

Subtle Treatment

One of the main advantages you’ll find with this treatment is its subtle appearance. You’ll love how you can smile from start to finish since there’s nothing to get in the way!

Effective for Complex Cases

Just like metal braces, they’re highly effective for treating complex dental misalignments, including severe overbite, underbite, and crowded teeth.

Durable & Stain-Resistant

Modern clear braces are made from advanced ceramic materials that resist staining and wear. That means you can be confident that they’ll keep their clarity throughout the entire course of your treatment.

Serious Comfort

Clear braces are smooth and rounded, providing a comfortable fit against the lips and cheeks. This reduces irritation and makes the adjustment period easier for new patients. That’s a big deal!

Clear Braces FAQs

Smile With Confidence

Start your journey to a confident, beautiful smile with Johnson Orthodontics.

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