Am I Too Old for Braces?

Are you thinking about getting braces but worried you might be too old? We hear this a lot at Johnson Orthodontics. But did you know that Dr. Johnson fits adults for braces in both Huntsville and Hampton Cove? The good news is that adults can have braces, too! Adult orthodontics can work wonders if you aim for improved oral health, a self-assured smile, or a more functional bite. 

Are You Ever Too Old for Braces?

The straightforward answer is no. You’re never too old for braces. At Johnson Orthodontics in Huntsville and Hampton Cove, Dr. Johnson emphasizes that orthodontic treatment is effective at any age, provided your teeth and gums remain healthy. While children and teenagers are the most common candidates for braces due to their ongoing jaw development, adults can equally benefit from orthodontic correction. Modern orthodontics offers various options tailored for adults, such as clear aligners and ceramic braces, making the process more convenient and less noticeable. 

Why Adults Consider Braces

Adults seek orthodontic treatment for various reasons, ranging from health concerns to aesthetic desires. Here are some of the main motivations:

Improved Oral Wellness

Misaligned teeth can contribute to numerous dental problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and excessive wear. Proper alignment through braces can enhance overall oral wellness by making it easier to clean your teeth well. In time, that will also reduce your risk of cavities and gum issues. At Johnson Orthodontics, Dr. Johnson ensures that each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to optimize dental health, regardless of age.

Aesthetic Benefits

A straight, beautiful smile can significantly boost self-confidence and improve your social interactions. Many adults opt for braces to correct crooked or crowded teeth, enhancing their appearance. With choices like metal and ceramic braces, achieving a stunning smile has never been more discreet and convenient. Dr. Johnson’s expertise helps many in Huntsville and Hampton Cove achieve the smile they’ve always desired.


Properly aligned teeth contribute to better chewing and speaking functions. Misaligned teeth can result in jaw pain, headaches, and even speech impediments. By correcting the alignment, braces can alleviate these issues, leading to a more comfortable and efficient bite. At Johnson Orthodontics, the focus is on improving both the form and function of your teeth, ensuring long-term benefits.


Factors to Consider for Adult Orthodontics

When thinking about braces as an adult, several important factors come into play. Here are key considerations to keep in mind:

Bone Density

As an adult, you have fully developed bones. Consequently, your tooth movement is slower than that of children. This doesn’t mean your treatment is less effective. It just means Dr. Johnson has to take a different approach. Modern orthodontic techniques at Johnson Orthodontics are designed to accommodate these differences. 

Gum Health

Healthy gums are also important for successful adult orthodontic treatment. Adults with gum disease may need to address this issue before starting with braces. Dr. Johnson emphasizes the importance of a thorough dental examination to assess your gum health. The exam will determine the best course of action for your treatment.


Adult patients often have lifestyle considerations different from those of younger patients. Many adults prefer less noticeable options like clear or ceramic braces (yes, we offer clear braces, too!). Clear braces fit a bit better into professional and social settings than metal ones might. Johnson Orthodontics offers various discreet treatment options that allow you to achieve your orthodontic goals without compromising your lifestyle.

Am I Too Old for Braces?

Types of Braces for Adults

At Johnson Orthodontics, we offer two types of braces for adults: metal braces and clear braces. Each type has unique advantages that let you choose the best fit for your needs and life circumstances.

Metal Braces

Conventional metal braces are the classic method for correcting various orthodontic issues. Dr. Johnson makes them from stainless steel brackets and wires. Metal braces slowly reorient your teeth into new positions. Despite being more noticeable, metal braces are highly durable and effective for even the most complex cases. Dr. Johnson and our team in Huntsville and Hampton Cove will fit you with metal braces that are precisely adjusted to deliver fast, comfortable results. 

Clear Braces

Clear braces (AKA “ceramic braces”) offer a less noticeable alternative to metal braces. They work like metal brackets but use tooth-colored or clear brackets that mesh with your natural teeth. Dr. Johnson carefully customizes your clear braces so that they provide the same effectiveness as metal braces while offering a more subtle appearance.


FAQs About Adult Braces

Got questions about braces for adults? Here are some of the most common ones we get at Johnson Orthodontics.

How long will I have to wear braces as an adult?

Treatment duration varies but generally lasts between one to two years, depending on the complexity of your case. Dr. Johnson will provide a personalized timeline during your 


Are there any risks associated with getting braces as an adult?

Risks with adult braces include tooth decay if you don’t maintain proper hygiene. However, these risks are manageable with proper care and regular dental visits. Dr. Johnson and our team will guide you through maintaining optimal oral hygiene throughout your treatment.

Will insurance cover braces for adults?

Some insurance plans offer coverage for adult orthodontics. It’s best to check with your insurance provider for particular details. Johnson Orthodontics also provides flexible payment plans to make treatment more accessible.

Can I get braces if I have crowns or missing teeth?

Yes, you can still get braces if you have crowns or missing teeth. Dr. Johnson will evaluate your specific situation and design a treatment plan that accommodates your dental condition.

Am I Too Old for Braces?

Grown-Up Grins At Johnson Orthodontics

Adults can get braces easily in Huntsville and Hampton Cove. Dr. Johnson offers metal and clear braces for grown-ups. To learn more about how braces can help you, go here to schedule your free consultation at Johnson Orthodontics.